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MSO - Field Export Solution Project

FSO Disconnection, Removal and Field Reconfiguration
LOCATION : Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia
PHASE : 1 to 5
YEAR : Apr ‘15 – Nov ‘15
Following an inspection in 2013, it was found that the main bearing on the FSO CALM buoy was no longer operating within its design limits and as such was at risk of failure. 
SETS were commissioned to investigate and recommend a solution; the subsequent project was broken down into several work packages covering the key phases of the project.
STEP 1, SETS project team worked with the client’s operator in country to evaluate, frame and de-risk the scope.
STEP 2, SETS developed detailed planning, engineering and procurement for de-oiling, disconnection and towing to safe anchorage of the FSO; while in parallel, developing the planning, engineering and procurement for mooring and connection of a temporary FSO in order to maintain field production.  Additionally SETS prepared Emergency Response plans in the event of a failure of the CALM buoy main bearing before disconnection could be completed.
STEP 3, SETS’ Engineers and Marine Specialists supervised the execution of the FSO disconnection and field reconfiguration operations in field.
STEP 4, SETS’ in country PMT augmented the operator’s team by providing project management expertise.  SETS managed the local contractor, ensuring that interfaces were aligned for completion of the disconnection and towing of the FSO to safe anchorage ahead of winter. 
STEP 5, SETS closed out the project, preparing As Left field drawings.
·         Ageing asset (installed in 1976) with minimal data available
·         Recovery of operator’s significantly slipped schedule to enable  primary project goal to be achieved within operational window
·         Complex inter-relationships between stakeholders and alignment of objectives